OperaNuts x Miss Cheesemonger

August 30, 2016

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Since its inception in 2011, Yuling Designs has grown from a boutique graphic design firm to a creative design studio boasting a diverse range of services from print, to digital, to styling.

Recently Yuling Designs collaborated with Our Traveling Kitchen to offer creative direction, styling, and photography for Opera Nuts, a specialty food snack. Our images, along with an interview of Rachel, the founder of Opera Nuts, were featured on a San Francisco based blog celebrating cheese, food and living, Miss Cheesemonger.

Yuling Designs- ONxMCM5
Yuling Designs- ONxMCM4
Yuling Designs- ONxMCM3
Yuling Designs- ONxMCM7
Yuling Designs- ONxMCM6
Yuling Designs- ONxMCM8
Yuling Designs- ONxMCM9
Yuling Designs- ONxMCM10
Yuling Designs- ONxMCM12
Yuling Designs- ONxMCM11

See more photos from our shoot along with an inspiring interview on Miss Cheesemonger’s blog.

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