Art on Paper

March 7, 2016

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The beauty of paper is its limitless range and flexibility, and this weekend’s second annual Art on Paper showcases works on, about, by, and from paper. Dazzling large scale installations, free-standing sculptures, and presentations from over 75 galleries from all around the world enliven the Pier 36 space.

Greeting visitors to the medium-centric fair is Li Hongbo’s Rainbow installation, in which the Chinese contemporary artist disassembles brightly colored, 3D paper creations of weapons of war. Each sculptural piece adds to the patterned landscape of rainbow blossoms.

Equally sublime and imaginative are the two totem pole creations composed of different books by Federico Uribe, artist and avid reader, as well as Laurence Vallières’ urban cardboard animals.

With a packed opening night, featuring festive live music and food and drinks, it is safe to say that paper is not dead.

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