Paige's Bakehouse

March 18, 2016

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As a hidden treasure of Round Rock, Texas, Paige’s Bakehouse is a cheerful, local bakery specializing in cakes, cookies and petit fours. In need of a graphic refresh, an updated typographical logo in a bold color palette breathes new life into this bakery’s branding. The custom cursive type, placed at a slight angle, is balanced with a simple sans serif font.

A spunky tiled pattern inspired by petit fours or square cake bites– the shop’s renown specialty– is juxtaposed with delightful and retro-styled corresponding graphics. Artfully arranged into larger blocks, the decorative tiles create unique arrangements that are eye catching and graphic. These lively graphics are the building blocks for Paige’s rebranding and gives the bakeshop an irresistible, sugary-sweet, new style.

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Photography by Emilie Anne Photography, gowns from The Ivy Retreat, styling by Without Wax, Katy.

See more photos of the completed project here.

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