Sazan Ramen

Client: Sazan Ramen

The branding for Sazan Ramen was inspired by a clean and minimal Japanese aesthetic, a modern and architectural take on brush script, and gritty street style. The custom logotype is strong, unique, and modernistic, and the differing weights of the lines of the lettering give it interest, dimension, and a distinctive hand-written-like feel.

Yuling Designs paired the logotype and submark graphic with simple but retro branding fonts that bring a nostalgic vibe to this eatery located in Austin, Texas.

In Japanese, the word “sazan” represents the multiplication of 3 x 3, as well as translates to the English word “southern”. The submark graphic interweaves the number 3 with the Japanese character 九 for 9, emblematic of 3 x 3. In addition the eatery serves a Hakata style ramen which originated from a southern island in Japan.


Food & Beverage