August 25, 2017

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As one of the world’s most influential and viral artists, Yayoi Kusama’s “Life is the Heart of a Rainbow” exhibit at the Singapore National Gallery was dazzling, energetic, and bold. Showcasing the legacy of this artist, the expansive exhibit features over 120 works of art across different mediums and highlights the artist’s evolution. Best known for her signature orbs, patterns and bright colors, the show gives you a glimpse into the workings of the pop icon’s brilliant (or manic) mind.

Kusama’s psychedelic infinity installation has become a social media hit, inspiring a fanatical following rarely witnessed in the art scene today. The sensationalism of her work has ushered in the art-selfie movement.

The exhibit is interactive, bizarre, and thought provoking all at the same time. Kusama continues to push artistic boundaries and transports us to a world full of infinite possibilities.

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Her work “I Want To Love On The Festival Night”, a peep room, plays with the idea of seeing and being seen.

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Learn more about the Kusama exhibit on display now at the Singapore National Gallery.

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