Vineyard Manhattan

Client: Vineyard Manhattan

Yuling Designs brought a visually eye-catching and gritty city vibe to Vineyard Manhattan, a relaunched church along the west side of Manhattan.

Charged with graphically branding the church, Yuling designed the logotype, submark graphic, outdoor signage, indoor environmental graphics, lanyards, and digital and print collateral. A subtle zig-zag for the V in the custom logotype is a nod to Broadway Avenue which connects the church’s two service locations.

Street-art-inspired textures peeking out from under a ripped paper edge, is a nod to the layers of poster advertisement that are layered on top of each other on temporary construction walls. Yuling wanted this to visually mimic the idea of the church being a lively and welcoming space that passerbyers are curious to peek at what is happening inside.